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On both sides of the Atlantic!

On both sides of the Atlantic

Wednesday sported an opportunity for U.S. data to shake the markets. Initially, the ADP employment change was released, and presented a very impressive increase of 215,000 jobs in the U.S. economy during November. When the promising data started advocating the

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Different news makes markets volatile!

Last week the PMI releases delivered on their highly anticipated comeback. It started with Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Indices showing mostly positive figures around the Eurozone. These included Italy, with a print of 51.4 versus the anticipated 50.8 and Germany with

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Positive data-backed momentum

Last week, equity trading provided another opportunity to admire the optimism recently present in the markets. The week kicked off with the NASDAQ composite index topping over 4,000 points. Market belief that the Fed’s market supporting actions will continue was

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When rumors appear brighter than the news!

When rumors appear brighter than the news

EUR/USD trading last week was subject to breaking events from both sides of the Atlantic. New York Fed President Dudley, who is considered a member of the dovish set among FOMC members, expressed his hope that the U.S. economy had

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Positive indications from the east!

From east, it’s seems we will be getting some good news, the Japanese economy and Chinese economy optimism is growing… The Fed’s statement from Wednesday insinuated that tapering could be around the corner, while the Bank of Japan policy board statement,

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Assessing the wind’s direction!

So we are getting closing in at the end of 2013, and still we see a (never ending) battle on the U.S. Economy. The U.S. economy showed mixed signs at the beginning of last week. Industrial Production data for September

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Markets response to the U.S. Government shutdown!

Markets response to the U.S. Government shutdown!

What happened with the U.S. Government?! Shit they shutdown… 🙂 Recent concerns regarding U.S. fiscal future were proven justified on Tuesday.     Concerns were about Republicans and Democrats failure-to-reach a compromise over the budget, and President Barack Obama lack

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What is the future of the U.S. monetary policy?

What is the future of the U.S. monetary policy

Since Ben Bernanke’s speech from June 19th, which linked the tapering of QE3 as well as the Fed’s interest rate hike with the U.S. unemployment rate, the U.S. labor market statistics had increasingly important indications of the future U.S. monetary policy. Recently,

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A calmer week in the U.S.

A calmer week in the USA

Meanwhile, things in the U.S. seemed much calmer. No GDP figures released this week and the strong momentum from previous weeks seemed to have ensured that even bad news were received with skepticism at most. Retail sales published on Tuesday

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Mostly positive data from the U.S.

Mostly positive data from the U.S.

Most economic data published last week in the U.S. were positive. Nonetheless, the surprising and steep decline at the consumer sentiment index for March, to its lowest level in the last 15 months, led last Friday to a decrease in

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