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Positive data-backed momentum

Last week, equity trading provided another opportunity to admire the optimism recently present in the markets. The week kicked off with the NASDAQ composite index topping over 4,000 points. Market belief that the Fed’s market supporting actions will continue was

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Markets at Turmoil

Markets at Turmoil

The political situation in Syria has some effect on the global financial markets. An apparent chemical attack by the regime of Syrian president Bashar al Assad on a Damascus suburb on August 21st shifted the consensus in the west regarding

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Signs of improvement on Japan, US and Europe

Signs of improvement on Japan, US and Europe

Most of the developed world did not observe major difficulties last week. Japan Japan’s Trade Balance data were published on Monday, indicating a Year over Year increase of 12.2% in Exports and a 19.6% Year over Year increase in imports. This

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A calmer week in the U.S.

A calmer week in the USA

Meanwhile, things in the U.S. seemed much calmer. No GDP figures released this week and the strong momentum from previous weeks seemed to have ensured that even bad news were received with skepticism at most. Retail sales published on Tuesday

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U.S. – No change in Fed’s policy

No change in Fed’s policy! The quantitative easing program (QE3) continues as planned and assessments regarding the date for an interest increase remains unchanged. During the rate decision last week, members of the U.S. monetary committee noted that the economy

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The improvement in the U.S. economic data continues

Most of the data released in the past week regarding the U.S. economy were encouraging. We negatively note that the industrial production declined in January by 0.1% (versus expectations for +0.2%), however December and November data were revised upward. The

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An increase in Italy and Spain’s risk premium

Uncertainty regarding election results in Italy and concerns of corruption scandals involving Spain’s Prime Minister, led to a rise in the risk premium of the peripheral countries in the last two weeks, fearing that the possible change of government in

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Politicians continue to wrangle

The decision regarding raising the “debt ceiling” was postponed until mid-May, though in the meantime, U.S. politicians continue to wrangle on the automatic cuts (“sequester”) which supposed to take effect at the beginning of March. Last Tuesday, President Obama urged

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Highlights regarding Global economy

The U.S. Congress voted last week in favor of a temporary increase of the U.S. “debt ceiling“, which will allow the government to continue to operate until May 19th. However, the debate about the future fiscal adjustments that has raged

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IMF 2013 global economic growth forecasts

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) slightly lowered its forecast for global economic growth in 2013 to 3.5% (versus 3.6% forecast in October), and in 2014 to 4.1% (vs. 4.2% in October). The growth rate in 2012 stood at approximately 3.2%.

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