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Different news makes markets volatile!

Last week the PMI releases delivered on their highly anticipated comeback. It started with Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Indices showing mostly positive figures around the Eurozone. These included Italy, with a print of 51.4 versus the anticipated 50.8 and Germany with

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Global perspective

Global perspective

The world slowly continues its exit from the great recession. However, the global zero rate policies shave their mark in too many financial figures. Japan published a rather impressive Current Account Balance on Monday, presenting an increase to ¥ 587.3

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Markets at Turmoil

Markets at Turmoil

The political situation in Syria has some effect on the global financial markets. An apparent chemical attack by the regime of Syrian president Bashar al Assad on a Damascus suburb on August 21st shifted the consensus in the west regarding

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This Week Top Market Movers Are….

  Hi again, Just here to drop the top market movers of this week! So without further delay, let’s list them…   Reaction to EU summit: the rally is likely to be quickly faded and be used as a chance

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