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Macro data indicate improvement in Europe and the U.S.

Fiscal cliff During the past week, it seemed like a progress has been made between republicans and democrats, when Obama agreed to raise the bar for increasing taxes to those who earn more than $400K a year (compared to the

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Concerns regarding the Fiscal Cliff

U.S. politicians continue to wrangle and it seems like until democrats and republicans do not reach an agreement regarding the Fiscal Cliff, stock markets will continue reacting. Last week, the parties entrenched in their positions. While the republican’s proposal last

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Price of US Debt a Key Risk Barometer

When markets are risk averse and investors are buying treasuries, they use the USD, meaning demand for the USD rises when markets are fearful. When risk asset markets are retreating, investors fear their capital losses will outweigh any lost return

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Pricing treasuries

The first thing traders need to learn about treasury bonds, and most bonds for that matter, is that price and yield move inversely. If investors are bearish, and sell bonds, we will see yields increasing. This can happen because investors

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