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Predictions World Economies End of Year

Predictions World Economies End of Year

Hi, Been a while, been busy… but I came a cross an article worth reading. The forecast for the world economies for the end of 2015! Ukraine will finish 2015 as the biggest loser in global growth, according to forecasts of

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Germany Gold Cool Reading…

Germany Gold Cool Reading

The gold! That special precious metal, that we all wish to have 🙂 I’ve came across a interesting article about GOLD! More precisely, about German Gold! This guy Peter Boehringer explains, or tries to explain the Truth on German Gold! He

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Get More From Your Binary Option Trading

Get More From Your Binary Option Trading

While trading the “Binary Options” product you just need to pick the  the amount of your investment, the asset’s direction and the expiration time. Now you need to wait until your position will expire and see whether it is in

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Forex Get a Piece Of The Pie!

Forex Get a Piece Of The Pie

Hi, Been a while since my last post. And I just wanted to give you a tip about the trading trends of the moment… You got some good options on what to trade, to make some serious cash bonus. 🙂

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Different news makes markets volatile!

Last week the PMI releases delivered on their highly anticipated comeback. It started with Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Indices showing mostly positive figures around the Eurozone. These included Italy, with a print of 51.4 versus the anticipated 50.8 and Germany with

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French socialist revolution faces hardships!

French socialist revolution faces hardships

It has been a year and a half since François Hollande was elected president in France. What as changed? What are France worst problems?… Upon entering his position, Hollande made a rather brave set of economic reforms, as he favored

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What is the future of the U.S. monetary policy?

What is the future of the U.S. monetary policy

Since Ben Bernanke’s speech from June 19th, which linked the tapering of QE3 as well as the Fed’s interest rate hike with the U.S. unemployment rate, the U.S. labor market statistics had increasingly important indications of the future U.S. monetary policy. Recently,

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The improvement in the U.S. economic data continues

Most of the data released in the past week regarding the U.S. economy were encouraging. We negatively note that the industrial production declined in January by 0.1% (versus expectations for +0.2%), however December and November data were revised upward. The

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Monetary policy again expanded by the Fed yet again.

Fiscal Cliff U.S. politicians continue to be entrenched in their positions regarding the fiscal cliff. The talks between U.S. president and House of Representatives speaker, republican John Boehner continued during the weekend, but there had been no progress regarding how

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Concerns regarding the Fiscal Cliff

U.S. politicians continue to wrangle and it seems like until democrats and republicans do not reach an agreement regarding the Fiscal Cliff, stock markets will continue reacting. Last week, the parties entrenched in their positions. While the republican’s proposal last

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