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Mostly positive data from the U.S.

Mostly positive data from the U.S.

Most economic data published last week in the U.S. were positive. Nonetheless, the surprising and steep decline at the consumer sentiment index for March, to its lowest level in the last 15 months, led last Friday to a decrease in

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G-20 and the Currency War

The Group of 20 finance chiefs sharpened their stance against governments trying to influence exchange rates. Two days of talks between G-20 finance ministers and central bankers ended last week with a commitment not to: “Target our exchange rates for

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Highlights regarding Global economy

The U.S. Congress voted last week in favor of a temporary increase of the U.S. “debt ceiling“, which will allow the government to continue to operate until May 19th. However, the debate about the future fiscal adjustments that has raged

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IMF 2013 global economic growth forecasts

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) slightly lowered its forecast for global economic growth in 2013 to 3.5% (versus 3.6% forecast in October), and in 2014 to 4.1% (vs. 4.2% in October). The growth rate in 2012 stood at approximately 3.2%.

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Pricing treasuries

The first thing traders need to learn about treasury bonds, and most bonds for that matter, is that price and yield move inversely. If investors are bearish, and sell bonds, we will see yields increasing. This can happen because investors

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Fallacy of the maturity of chances in trading!

  The fallacy of the maturity of chances has clear implications for traders. Anyone who has traded for any length of time realizes that there are streaks of winning and losing trades. After losing streaks, many traders are tempted to

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Why do we tend to invest against winning or losing streaks?

  Today I would like to talk about something I just read about… Cool story that can teach us something, that also applies to binary trading also…   On August 18, 1913, guests at the Monte Carlo casino in Monaco

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Coming week 32 market movers!

  So  for the coming week look out for:   Delayed reaction to Draghi disappointment   Despite his bold words over the past week, there was little real action from Draghi, leaving markets waiting for the next ECB meeting in

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Analysis for trading binary option

  Hi again, I got here the 2nd part of the guidelines on how to combine the two forms of analysis when preparing for trading. So without any further delay…   When trading binary option, fundamental analysis is more important

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Market movers of the past week 27

Well, here I am again to throw in the past week Market Movers! Will keep this simple, fast and short!   Hopes for government stimulus (rather than actual evidence of improving economies) spark short rally Monday-Tuesday. Markets wanted central bank

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