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This Week Top Market Movers Are….

  Hi again, Just here to drop the top market movers of this week! So without further delay, let’s list them…   Reaction to EU summit: the rally is likely to be quickly faded and be used as a chance

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Other Market Movers… Check it out!

  Last week there were no other major market movers, as the focus was on the EU summit.   The Summit did accomplish the following:    It helped break the link between sovereign states and banks. Ultimately, the states must

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The EU summit failed accomplishments…

Sinking ship… Airplane crashing… Looks like the EU is in a sea of problems, is there good land in sight to dock???? The only real market mover last week was speculation about the EU summit. In last week’s market review,

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What should the EU summit focus on?

Europe’s leaders will gather in Brussels later this week under intense pressure to head off a potentially catastrophic economic collapse of the Eurozone.   Given the stakes involved, EU leaders and the mainstream media may try to present the summit

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