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Black Friday Optimism

Black Friday Optimism

Friday presented opportunity for market optimism on both sides of the Atlantic. The Eurozone saw positive data published regarding the demand side, with prices increasing by an estimated 0.9%. Unemployment also provided its fare share as it decreased to 12.1%.

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Positive data-backed momentum

Last week, equity trading provided another opportunity to admire the optimism recently present in the markets. The week kicked off with the NASDAQ composite index topping over 4,000 points. Market belief that the Fed’s market supporting actions will continue was

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Yellen’s market confirmation

Yellen’s market confirmation

Professor Janet Yellen testified before the Senate on Thursday, after being nominated the next head of the Fed. Yellen, 67, provided markets with an impressive presentation, in spite of difficult questions hammered by senators from all sides of the political

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Fresh Top Notch Tips

Today’s Trading Tip Nasdaq 100 The Nasdaq 100 index has been under a lot of bullish pressure in recent weeks, as the U.S. publishes optimistic economic data releases. Therefore, traders predict the index to make additional gains today. The latest

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