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Eurozone between a rock and a hard place!

Eurozone between a rock and a hard place

Following 18 months of recession in Europe, the anticipated publishing of CPI and GDP data last week spurred hope that signs of change will finally unveil. The French GDP surprised for the betteron Wednesday, mostly due to a recovery of

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Cyprus grabs financial markets attention…

Cyprus Publishing the details of Cyprus bailout plan last week led to an increase at the financial markets risk premium. The increase seems to be fueled by Europe’s financial ministers decision that a substantial portion of the bailout plan will include

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Mixed data from China and Europe

Eurozone economic data continues pointing to the prevailing recession, although we positively note that the deterioration recorded in most expectations surveys has stopped. On the negative side we note that industrial production in the Eurozone fell sharper than expected in

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Positive data from EU and China

Europe Data released in the past week were surprisingly good, but it is important to emphasize they still point to the recession prevailing in the European economy. The ECB cut its European economy growth forecast in 2013 to a level

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Easing Terms on Emergency Aid to Greece

Easing Terms on Emergency Aid to Greece

Easing terms on emergency aid to Greece led to a decline in the risk premium of EU markets… Greece As expected, European finance ministers eased the terms on emergency aid for Greece, cut the rates on bailout loans, suspended interest payments

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Optimism towards another temporary solution to Greece’s crisis

Greece and France The Eurozone Economy State

Greece: Eurozone finance ministers delayed their decision regarding how to finance Greece’s deficit. Additional funding is required due to the extension the country received by the European government in order to implement the austerity program goals. However, due to the

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Political Progress Did Not Increase Optimism In EU Markets

Is Greece on the way to another Bailout? European finance ministers assured Greece this week that the bailout money promised as part of the second rescue plan will be soon transferred. These are the funds frozen since June, including the

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Disappointing data from the Eurozone

So this Euro crisis seems to be far from over, when we need the world economies to recover, it seems that the crisis in the Eurozone is still waiting for a serious resolution… Europe: Two forces led to a dropdown

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ECB’s Outright Monetary Transactions (OMT)

A new stimulus program was announced by the European Central Bank in the first week of September. This program to save the euro is called “Outright Monetary Transactions” or “OMT” and it was enough to drive the EUR/USD to a

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How long before markets realize there is no Spain solution?

Spain is in big debts and seeks financial aid from the EU. The primary factor preventing a massive selloff last week was the hope for official intervention, but the ECB and Fed disappointed. Markets were left clinging to hope that

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