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Political Progress Did Not Increase Optimism In EU Markets

Is Greece on the way to another Bailout? European finance ministers assured Greece this week that the bailout money promised as part of the second rescue plan will be soon transferred. These are the funds frozen since June, including the

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All eyes on the ECB meeting!

Mario Draghi skipped the Jackson Hole summit in Wyoming last week, due to heavy workload. The market took this to mean that the ECB was hard at work, hammering out the details of a plan to support Spain and Italy

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Price of US Debt a Key Risk Barometer

When markets are risk averse and investors are buying treasuries, they use the USD, meaning demand for the USD rises when markets are fearful. When risk asset markets are retreating, investors fear their capital losses will outweigh any lost return

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The second half of 2012: Bullish vs. Bearish Forces

As we enter the second half of the year, here is a quick rundown on how the bullish and bearish forces align.   Bullish forces   Persistent optimism: the prevailing belief that the consequences of failure so dire that leaders

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How long before markets realize there is no Spain solution?

Spain is in big debts and seeks financial aid from the EU. The primary factor preventing a massive selloff last week was the hope for official intervention, but the ECB and Fed disappointed. Markets were left clinging to hope that

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