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Different news makes markets volatile!

Last week the PMI releases delivered on their highly anticipated comeback. It started with Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Indices showing mostly positive figures around the Eurozone. These included Italy, with a print of 51.4 versus the anticipated 50.8 and Germany with

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Global perspective

Global perspective

The world slowly continues its exit from the great recession. However, the global zero rate policies shave their mark in too many financial figures. Japan published a rather impressive Current Account Balance on Monday, presenting an increase to ¥ 587.3

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Disappointment from Europe, new central bank governor in Japan!

Europe Most of the data published regarding the European economy were disappointing, suggesting the continued recession. Industrial production in the Eurozone decreased during the month of January by a monthly rate of 0.4% (versus an expected -0.1%), to a level

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An increase in Italy and Spain’s risk premium

Uncertainty regarding election results in Italy and concerns of corruption scandals involving Spain’s Prime Minister, led to a rise in the risk premium of the peripheral countries in the last two weeks, fearing that the possible change of government in

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Global central banks independence and the “Currency war”

Some of the major headlines in economical news over the last couple of weeks included statements by global economy officials regarding the “Currency war”: The fear that central banks will divert their attention from maintaining price stability to a constant

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Economic data from Europe and China

Europe: Eurozone economic data point to the contraction of the European GDP in the fourth quarter. A third consecutive monthly decline was recorded in the volume of industrial production in the Eurozone, the German economy contracted by 0.5% in the

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Two main austerity measures approaches

There are two ways to approach the economic policy: The Keynesian approach Wishes to increase public spending by increasing the deficit during recessions, in order to stimulate the economy. To encourage public spending the government would usually reduce taxes. The

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Macro data indicate improvement in Europe and the U.S.

Fiscal cliff During the past week, it seemed like a progress has been made between republicans and democrats, when Obama agreed to raise the bar for increasing taxes to those who earn more than $400K a year (compared to the

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Easing Terms on Emergency Aid to Greece

Easing Terms on Emergency Aid to Greece

Easing terms on emergency aid to Greece led to a decline in the risk premium of EU markets… Greece As expected, European finance ministers eased the terms on emergency aid for Greece, cut the rates on bailout loans, suspended interest payments

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Optimism towards another temporary solution to Greece’s crisis

Greece and France The Eurozone Economy State

Greece: Eurozone finance ministers delayed their decision regarding how to finance Greece’s deficit. Additional funding is required due to the extension the country received by the European government in order to implement the austerity program goals. However, due to the

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