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Eurozone between a rock and a hard place!

Eurozone between a rock and a hard place

Following 18 months of recession in Europe, the anticipated publishing of CPI and GDP data last week spurred hope that signs of change will finally unveil. The French GDP surprised for the betteron Wednesday, mostly due to a recovery of

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Growth figures for the fourth quarter indicated the recession prevailing in Europe and Japan

Europe Last week’s biggest news was the publication of the fourth quarter’s growth data. We briefly note that a sharper than expected contraction was recorded in Germany (-0.6% in quarterly terms), France (-0.3%), Spain (-0.7%) and Italy (-0.9%). We note

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An increase in Italy and Spain’s risk premium

Uncertainty regarding election results in Italy and concerns of corruption scandals involving Spain’s Prime Minister, led to a rise in the risk premium of the peripheral countries in the last two weeks, fearing that the possible change of government in

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Politicians continue to wrangle

The decision regarding raising the “debt ceiling” was postponed until mid-May, though in the meantime, U.S. politicians continue to wrangle on the automatic cuts (“sequester”) which supposed to take effect at the beginning of March. Last Tuesday, President Obama urged

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Economic data from Europe and China

Europe: Eurozone economic data point to the contraction of the European GDP in the fourth quarter. A third consecutive monthly decline was recorded in the volume of industrial production in the Eurozone, the German economy contracted by 0.5% in the

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Improvement in the U.S. and China

Economic data from last week regarding the U.S. economy reveals a relatively sharp rise in the U.S. trade deficit in November, a fact that will detract from the U.S. GDP in the fourth quarter. There was a sharp decline in

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Why balance of risks tends down!

All leading organizations foresee a lower than expected global growth rate in 2013. The question on everyone’s mind should be why the balance of risks tends to the downside, meaning the actual growth rates might be even lower. Several factors

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Compromise signs from the US, recession in Japan

US: Signs of compromise between Republicans and Democrats regarding a possible “fiscal cliff” solution led to price gains in the U.S. last Friday. The Senate Democratic leader, Nancy Pelosi, said she felt confident that the agreement between the parties is

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