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A calmer week in the U.S.

A calmer week in the USA

Meanwhile, things in the U.S. seemed much calmer. No GDP figures released this week and the strong momentum from previous weeks seemed to have ensured that even bad news were received with skepticism at most. Retail sales published on Tuesday

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Cyprus grabs financial markets attention…

Cyprus Publishing the details of Cyprus bailout plan last week led to an increase at the financial markets risk premium. The increase seems to be fueled by Europe’s financial ministers decision that a substantial portion of the bailout plan will include

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Disappointment from Europe, new central bank governor in Japan!

Europe Most of the data published regarding the European economy were disappointing, suggesting the continued recession. Industrial production in the Eurozone decreased during the month of January by a monthly rate of 0.4% (versus an expected -0.1%), to a level

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Mostly positive data from the U.S.

Mostly positive data from the U.S.

Most economic data published last week in the U.S. were positive. Nonetheless, the surprising and steep decline at the consumer sentiment index for March, to its lowest level in the last 15 months, led last Friday to a decrease in

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Highlights regarding Global economy

The U.S. Congress voted last week in favor of a temporary increase of the U.S. “debt ceiling“, which will allow the government to continue to operate until May 19th. However, the debate about the future fiscal adjustments that has raged

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Wrangling of debt limit continues…

Rating agency Fitch has mentioned this week the importance it attributes to the way they handle Republicans and Democrats continue to wrangle regarding raising the long-term debt limit. President Barack Obama called the Republicans in congress to increase the country’s

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EU Improvement is Not Reflected in Markets Yet

The improvement in Europe’s financial markets has not yet been reflected in the real economy. Economic data regarding the Eurozone continues pointing to the recession prevailing in the continent, and expectation surveys indicate the further contraction expected. However, the deterioration

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Two main austerity measures approaches

There are two ways to approach the economic policy: The Keynesian approach Wishes to increase public spending by increasing the deficit during recessions, in order to stimulate the economy. To encourage public spending the government would usually reduce taxes. The

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Why balance of risks tends down!

All leading organizations foresee a lower than expected global growth rate in 2013. The question on everyone’s mind should be why the balance of risks tends to the downside, meaning the actual growth rates might be even lower. Several factors

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Main Issues for the US Dollar in Q4

There are 3 main issues that should determine the USD‘s fate in Q4. The US November elections Regardless of who will win, the expiration date for tax cuts and automatic spending programs will be extended beyond December 31st. Given the

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