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On both sides of the Atlantic!

On both sides of the Atlantic

Wednesday sported an opportunity for U.S. data to shake the markets. Initially, the ADP employment change was released, and presented a very impressive increase of 215,000 jobs in the U.S. economy during November. When the promising data started advocating the

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Yellen’s market confirmation

Yellen’s market confirmation

Professor Janet Yellen testified before the Senate on Thursday, after being nominated the next head of the Fed. Yellen, 67, provided markets with an impressive presentation, in spite of difficult questions hammered by senators from all sides of the political

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Pessimism, responsible monetarism & other spinoffs!

USA, Europe and China what is happening and what impacts can we except on the economies of the world… Last week kicked off with Fed Governor Jim Bullard trying to fan rising concerns about the Fed’s Treasury holdings of the

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Markets at Turmoil

Markets at Turmoil

The political situation in Syria has some effect on the global financial markets. An apparent chemical attack by the regime of Syrian president Bashar al Assad on a Damascus suburb on August 21st shifted the consensus in the west regarding

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