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Cyprus grabs financial markets attention…

Cyprus Publishing the details of Cyprus bailout plan last week led to an increase at the financial markets risk premium. The increase seems to be fueled by Europe’s financial ministers decision that a substantial portion of the bailout plan will include

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Easing Terms on Emergency Aid to Greece

Easing Terms on Emergency Aid to Greece

Easing terms on emergency aid to Greece led to a decline in the risk premium of EU markets… Greece As expected, European finance ministers eased the terms on emergency aid for Greece, cut the rates on bailout loans, suspended interest payments

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Optimism towards another temporary solution to Greece’s crisis

Greece and France The Eurozone Economy State

Greece: Eurozone finance ministers delayed their decision regarding how to finance Greece’s deficit. Additional funding is required due to the extension the country received by the European government in order to implement the austerity program goals. However, due to the

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The Top 3 Market Risks For Q4

Eurozone Crisis & Recession Other than a lot of promises and hand shaking, very little progress had been made in resolving the issues that plague the Eurozone. The bond buying program that has been put forth by the ECB is

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Distinguish real EU crisis solutions from the usual fakes.

  Which solutions for the EU can really help, as opposed to the short-term tranquilizers? Here is a list of five criteria to distinguish real vs. fake solutions. Unless any solution proposal addresses at least some of the following issues,

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The EU summit failed accomplishments…

Sinking ship… Airplane crashing… Looks like the EU is in a sea of problems, is there good land in sight to dock???? The only real market mover last week was speculation about the EU summit. In last week’s market review,

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What should the EU summit focus on?

Europe’s leaders will gather in Brussels later this week under intense pressure to head off a potentially catastrophic economic collapse of the Eurozone.   Given the stakes involved, EU leaders and the mainstream media may try to present the summit

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How long before markets realize there is no Spain solution?

Spain is in big debts and seeks financial aid from the EU. The primary factor preventing a massive selloff last week was the hope for official intervention, but the ECB and Fed disappointed. Markets were left clinging to hope that

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Three Key Questions

Key question #1 Will the ECB, and the rest of the major central banks (led by the Fed) step again with another massive dose of cash to stave off the contagion threat? Alternatively, would they decide to stop throwing money

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Future of Greece

Greece is likely to hit the markets this week, as no one expects quick resolution. In the best case scenario there would be no major negative surprises from Greece. The worst case is that bad news will flow from Greece

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