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Signs of improvement on Japan, US and Europe

Signs of improvement on Japan, US and Europe

Most of the developed world did not observe major difficulties last week. Japan Japan’s Trade Balance data were published on Monday, indicating a Year over Year increase of 12.2% in Exports and a 19.6% Year over Year increase in imports. This

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Wrangling of debt limit continues…

Rating agency Fitch has mentioned this week the importance it attributes to the way they handle Republicans and Democrats continue to wrangle regarding raising the long-term debt limit. President Barack Obama called the Republicans in congress to increase the country’s

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Macro data indicate improvement in Europe and the U.S.

Fiscal cliff During the past week, it seemed like a progress has been made between republicans and democrats, when Obama agreed to raise the bar for increasing taxes to those who earn more than $400K a year (compared to the

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Political Progress Did Not Increase Optimism In EU Markets

Is Greece on the way to another Bailout? European finance ministers assured Greece this week that the bailout money promised as part of the second rescue plan will be soon transferred. These are the funds frozen since June, including the

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ECB’s Outright Monetary Transactions (OMT)

A new stimulus program was announced by the European Central Bank in the first week of September. This program to save the euro is called “Outright Monetary Transactions” or “OMT” and it was enough to drive the EUR/USD to a

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US Treasury bills, bonds, notes!

Today we are going to talk a little about the US Treasury bills, bonds, notes and why traders should watch them.   So lets start by taking to look at the basics of US treasuries and how traders around the

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