Highlights regarding Global economy

Highlights regarding Global economy

Highlights regarding Global economy

The U.S. Congress voted last week in favor of a temporary increase of the U.S. “debt ceiling“, which will allow the government to continue to operate until May 19th.

However, the debate about the future fiscal adjustments that has raged between republicans and democrats may increase uncertainty in the financial markets in the coming months (towards the decision to raise the debt ceiling permanently).

In addition, if U.S. politicians do not reach an understanding regarding the automatic budget cuts (sequestration), then transverse cuts of $110 billion will take effect in early March.
More on the positive side, the ECB announced last Friday that the volume of loans repayments granted within the Long-term refinancing operations (LTRO) auctions was higher than expected, further evidence for the improvement in the liquidity of the financial system in Europe.

European banks have decided to return to the ECB 137 billion euros, out of a total of 1.04 trillion euros that the ECB lent in two LTRO auctions, compared with estimates for a repayment of 84 billion euros.

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