Different news makes markets volatile!

Last week the PMI releases delivered on their highly anticipated comeback.

It started with Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Indices showing mostly positive figures around the Eurozone.

These included Italy, with a print of 51.4 versus the anticipated 50.8 and Germany with 52.7 versus expectations for 52.5, not to mention the U.K.’s PMI, which scored no less than 58.4 points, 2.3 more than analysts had predicted.

Expectations for increased local demand seem to have weakened the Euro as it began trading at around 1.3540 USD soon after the release of the PMIs, 0.5% below the levels that were traded just before their release.


Financial research stock-market. Image shot 2001. Exact date unknown.

Financial research stock-market. Image shot 2001. Exact date unknown.

The Euro’s upside, however, came from a rather unpredictable front, as Tuesday saw surprising pessimism in its equity market.

The German DAX index lost nearly 2% during the trading day, while the Paris CAC 40 presented even higher losses.

One asset’s pessimism is another’s opportunity, it seems; as the Euro’s weakness from the previous day diminished rather entirely, with EUR/USD trading back at around 1.3600 levels.

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